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solar energy

how a pv installation works?

All electric device (toy, mobile phone, lantern…) supported by batteries there is a electrical connection of them in a serial manner.

The reason is to connect a number of batteries to reach a defined voltage which is needed for the device works.

If one of the batteries doesn’t work or it is a low level of charge the lantern will not work or the light will be low.

Technology proposal according to extreme climate

The proper technology to develop our project. Following this description we believe.

The most important parameter is the HIGH TEMPERATURE. This issue is mandatory to define the rest of technical decissions as temperature impacts on:

  • lifetime: accelerating degradation.
  • reliability: diodes and Jbox failures.
  • generation: lower electricity production due to higher electrical resistance.

Civil works and infrastructure

Design and engineering

Installation and commissioning of production lines and associated services


Product technology

Highest quality controls of all its components

Support of leading companies in the sector

area of application

Commercial and residential photovoltaic generation

Power generation plants (large size)

Construction and reform GRANDASTUR

Experts in renewable energy

AURINKA | Photovoltaic Group