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The objective of a plant is suitable for the microbiological, physical, organoleptic and chemical characteristics of the water to be treated, for the maximum permitted limits established for the corresponding drinking water legislation.

Depending on the presence and concentration of the various types of pollutants, several techniques were used in order to perform a gradual and selective water trick, where each technology protects the subsequent one, allowing the whole act to act on the pollutant for the Which is designed.



Grey water treatment plant HidroECO to treat water from showers, bathtubs and sinks to reuse in toilets and irrigation. Safe and effective physical treatment, with no odor or noise. Very compact and modular plant. Planta muy compacta y modular.

The building should have separate systems to collect grey water and to supply treated water.


Recycling water plant HidroREC to reuse wastewater, industrial process water and hydroponics drainage.


Purification water plant HidroTAR to treat potable water from municipal supply and to provide natural purified water in all the taps of a building.

Optimal organoleptic characteristics and maintains the state of water mineralization. Free of impurities. Perfectly disinfected.


Wastewater treatment plant HidroBIO to meet the discharge or recycled requirements of urban and industrial wastewater.


Desalination plant HidroNIC for irrigation from brackish and sea water, with Reverse Osmosis Membranes.

The Reverse Osmosis process is based on the application of pressure energy to a concentrated solution of salts in contact with a semi permeable membrane.


Drinking water plant HidroPURE, to provide the required standard of drinking water for towns and industries from groundwater, surface and sea water.


Drinking water plant HidroPURE ECO, to provide drinking water for towns and emergencies from groundwater, surface and sea water, designed for minimum power consumption allowing its operation with RENEWABLE ENERGY

Discover all the technical characteristics of ours water treatment plant


Installation of generators of ozone’s high performance, for the treatment of water for different sectors:

1.- Water treatment.

Ozone kills quickly and very effectively to all bacteria, viruses and other microbes in the water, eliminating completely any organic compound or another contaminant, to not cause secondary pollution.

Wastewater treatment of: drainage system includes civil, industrial wastewater and sewage plant health, removing pollutants, discolouration and any odor removal.

In the pool with ozone water treatment, water will be clean and transparent, and some problems caused by the use of chlorine, such as yellow hair and irritation of the eyes, skin and respiratory tract is completely solved. Its effectiveness and the benefits have been fully accepted.

2.- Chemistry

Ozone has been used in: chemical engineering, petroleum, paper making, textile, pharmacy, spices and other industries, as an oxidizer, catalyst and refining agent.

It functions as a catalyst in the synthesis of pesticides and pesticides. It participates in the oxidation decomposition and elimination of these toxic products.

In the purification of contaminants biological and chemical air: bad smell in factories, processing of furs, fish, polluted gas in factories of rubber and chemicals can decompose and remove thanks to the ozone.

3.- Food processing

Ozone is widely used in the food processing industry for disinfection and odor removal, the control of fungi and cool food.

With the use of ozone is accomplished sterilize the refrigerated, maintain aseptic surfaces and machines that are used in the process of the food industry, prevents rust and keeps fresh any food.

In conclusion, it has a great influence in the improvement of the technical progress, the improvement of quality and food safety.

4.- Medical treatment

Mainly in the sterilization of air in nursing and operations rooms.

Doctors and dentists in Germany, Switzerland, Russia, France and Italy have applied ozone generator in therapeutic treatments, for many years.

Why Ozone?

Ozone is a chemical compound that is generated artificially by subjecting air electric shock in Crown. It is a powerful oxidizer with great advantages for the industry in general. Used in the treatment of water and air. While respecting the environment.



Maximum water quality.

Oxidation with ozone guarantee disinfection, and improves the organoleptic characteristics of the water without adding unwanted compounds.


The disinfectant of the future


Ideal for disinfection and cleaning of casks. It doesn’t pollute the wood, it leaves no residue and it penetrates through the pores. Quick and easy, treatments with excellent results.


Oxidation without waste

With the ozone we can remove COD, BOD, turbidity, color, phenols, metals, etc.
A powerful tool, with ecological character. To achieve discharge parameters.


Save detergent

Ozonated water will allow you to save up to 50% the use of detergents and hot water. Faster washes that also respect the environment. Ideal in laundries and hotels.


Health bath

With ozone guarantees the user a hygienic and healthy bath. It acts as a therapeutic agent and improves the performance of swimmer


Deposit and wells. Lakes, fountains, aquariums and dolphinariums. Hydroponics, cultivation, nursery and irrigation. Garments bottled. Beer aging Hidrocooling. Ice ozonized. Destruction of drugs. Water processes in food: meat, fish, fruit, etc.


Compact and autonomous mobile purification plant, for the immediate provision of guaranteed drinking water of excellent quality to isolated populations, emergency and temporary settlements.

Designed to operate with an extraordinary energy efficiency, which enables the use of renewable energy.


  • Advanced treatments of filtration and disinfection that guarantee the quality of the drinking supply wáter, regardless of the variations in quality of water (fresh or sea water).
  • Designed for the removal of high solids loads suspended thanks to a pre-filtration system.
  • Without chemical reagents and consumables unnecessary generating dependency.
  • Without qualified and permanent personnel on the ground.
  • Very compact and modular, installation and immediate start.
  • Specially designed for air transportation and off-road transportation.
  • It includes batteries which guarantee the autonomy of the plant for 24 hours. Life guaranteed utila from 10 years.
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