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Installation and start-up of a mountaineer at the Opel Optical Concessionaire in Navia, Asturias.

The hydraulic mounts transport in the interior vehicles with driver and passengers. Its scope of application is generally focused on garages where it is not possible to build ramps for access.

Hydraulic lift specially designed for the transport of industrial vehicles or passenger cars accompanied by the driver, with a lifting weight of up to 4,500 kg; Of great utility in garages where it is not possible the construction of ramps of work for its access.

The mountaineer is an ideal solution for the garage. Designed to achieve excellent results of strength and durability, it offers a reliable and accurate answer to your needs:

  • Automatic re-leveling ensuring at all times a perfect leveling.
  • Permanent connection to the Otis 24-Hour Assistance Service, through two-way communication.
  • Overload device to prevent the movement of the mountaineer when its load exceeds the predicted theoretical.
  • Oil pipe check valve.
  • Parachute valve.
  • Manual pump for emergency situations.
  • High visibility busy outdoor light.