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Installation and commissioning of mechanical stairs for access to the business center with more visitors, Oviedo.

In the vertical transport we find in addition to the elevators, escalators.

Escalators are a very important lifting product for metro installations, buildings or large commercial areas.

In Spain this kind of product is usually installed, to improve the accessibility and traffic of people in the daily life of a shopping center.

In this case we have installed and launched an escalator technology Otis in the most important shopping center of the city of Oviedo, the Prados. Therefore it is a ladder that will withstand a great influx of people, different speeds and good finishes in the handrails.

Once the installed one was verified its operation as well as its different security devices were verified.

Of these works we emphasize the complexity, because of the long route of the stairs and the reduced site that we had in the access to the commercial center.

In this gallery you can see how it was the order of business.

Nowadays this access receives a daily influx of visitors to the shopping center.